Security Services

Security Services

In the area of security, RNTrust (Formerly Recronet) offers consulting services and technological solutions for the protection of User network infrastructure, i.e. for the resolution of specific security issues. The User network infrastructure and its protection are primarily based on the Cisco Systems products (a company that recognized us as its Gold Partner). RNTrust (Formerly Recronet) is also a holder of the Advanced Security Specialization.

Our portfolio of security solutions also offers the solutions of our OpenTrust Partner for the construction of the public key infrastructure (PKI). For network security control, real time log analysis and early security alerts RNTrust (Formerly Recronet) uses the solutions of its TriGeo Partner, whereas to provide maximum network protection against Internet threats RNTrust (Formerly Recronet) uses Arbor Networks solutions.

In addition to technological solutions, we also offer security consulting services, which include the following:

- Security risk assessment
- Security policy development and review,
- Assistance in compliance with ISO27001 standard,
- Analysis of device configuration, system design and penetration tests.

As a result of our consulting services, the Customer obtains a report with recommendations how to eliminate any potential weaknesses and implement corresponding solutions.

Due to a team of certified experts working for and cooperating with RNTrust (Formerly Recronet), we can timely eliminate any potential weaknesses and offer our custom-made solutions. 


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